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Chabazite zeolites
Macroporous MOFs review
MOF in scCO2
MOFs in acid etching
MOFs in scCO2


I have maintained my active online presence, through webpages and the use of social media, to explain the advantages of porous materials in various applications. I have highlighted my work on using neutron scattering to characterize porous materials containing different pore dimensions and geometries for hydrogen storage applications in the UK Science and Technology Facilities Council (Probing interactions of nanomaterials containing different pore dimensions and geometries with gases using neutron scattering - 25 June 2019). My recent article, afforded by my preliminary studies in MOFs, zeolites and porous silicas, has capitalized on the research momentum to fully explore a potentially ground-breaking idea of tackling Covid-19 in Vietnam (Ứng dụng khoa học vật liệu để đối phó COVID-19 - Báo Khoa học & Phát triển - 27 April 2020). 

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