Throughout this project, I will aim to disseminate early results and to reinforce my long-standing collaboration with Prof Valeska Ting (University of Bristol, UK) and her group on development of design strategies for extreme MOFs in various chemical environments. I will also maintain my research collaboration with Dr Dong Liu (University of Bristol, UK) in the use of advanced techniques such as 3D imaging to capture the deformation of MOFs at elevated temperatures. With extensive expertise in the demonstration of MOFs at unprecedented pressures, Prof Stephen Moggach (UWA, Australia), who has agreed to serve as my fellowship sponsor, will give me advice in the examination of unique and real-time diffraction and multi-scale modelling to understand the damage evolution of extreme MOFs. This project which targets at novel porous materials with high performance in electrochemical CO2 reduction will be supported from catalytic testing experts at Queen’s University (Canada), Cardiff University (UK), RMIT (Australia) and Hanoi University of Mining and Geology (Vietnam) and end-users such as PetroVietnam (Vietnam) and Porocarb (Germany). These existing partners and industrial collaborations will be a springboard to realizing my wider ambition of developing world-leading interdisciplinary research activity around extreme MOFs with advanced porous structures.